About True Family Services

True Family Services is composed of kind, caring, compassionate, dedicated, reliable, professional workers and providers. As a team, we work diligently to enhance the skills and professional growth of TFS team members. TFS evolved in 2012 and continues to help individuals and families to improve their lives.

True Family Services, About us
True Family Services

Our Commitment

True Family Services is committed to the progress of our community. We are dedicated to providing necessary and critical resources and support to the needy and at-risk individuals in Las Vegas area. TFC strives to educate its workers and providers through technology to maximize the help and assistance being provided.

Who We Are

True Family Services began helping needy individuals and families in 2012. It is a behavioral health entity located in Las Vegas, Nevada. TFS develops and implements managed behavioral health services. TFS adheres to quality expectations. TFS method to behavioral health care is innovative, solution-focused, and diverse - where accountability, creativity, and quantifiable outcomes are trademarks of TFC helping profession.

True Family Services, Who we are
Welcome to True Family Services (TFS)

Our Mission

As helpers, counselors, and coaches, our mission is to strive for true and excellent services with unrelenting attention to providing effective rehabilitation. True Family Services is dedicated to working with diligence, passion, love, and commitment to help improve the quality of life of families and individuals.